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PeopleSoft Set Control Field

PeopleSoft Set Control Field Overview

As the name suggests “The field which controls the access of data sets (Record Sets) in various control tables (DEPT_TBL, LOCATION, JOBCODE_TBL, SAL_ADMIN_PLAN etc…)” is known as Set Control Field.
“Data Set or Record Set” is nothing but a set of data rows which is identified by a key (SetID) in control table as shown below (Snapshot below is of department table DEPT_TBL): 

In the example shown above, there are four data sets (Record Sets) grouped by the keys in the department table - SHARE, X00, Y00, Z00

Set Control Fields in PeopleSoft

As far as I know, there are three set control fields in PeopleSoft:
·         COMPANY
·         REG_REGION
Let’s do a little digging to understand it more.
Please note that, whenever we create a new Business Unit or Company or Regulatory Region then a new TableSet Control is automatically created for this new set control field value. Let’s check this out with an example:
Open the “Business Unit” component (Navigation: Main > SetUp HRMS > Foundation Tables > Organization > Business Unit)
Add a new business unit “TEST” 

As we see, the Set ID is automatically defaulted and it’s same as Business Unit code. When we save it without replacing with a new Set ID, a Set ID “TEST” is also created, however in this example we will replace it with a new Set ID.
Please click on prompt button and select one of the existing Set IDs, in this case “X00”, and then save.

What does it really mean i.e. when we assigned a set ID in the area highlighted above?
Well, It means as its name “Default Record Group Set IDs” suggests  – By default, the Business Unit “TEST” will have access to the data sets (Record sets) which are keyed (Grouped) by Set ID “X00” in various control tables which are already grouped in their corresponding Record Groups.
What does it really mean i.e. when we assigned a set ID in the area highlighted above?
Here is how the Business Unit “TEST” will have access to data set keyed by “X00” in the department table DEPT_TBL: 

Let’s check out how is it possible.
As stated earlier, when we created the Business Unit “TEST” a Table Set Control is automatically created for the set control field value "TEST". Open this Table Set Control (Navigation:  Main > PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > TableSet Control)

 As we see, for the Business Unit “TEST” (Set Control Field Value), the Set ID “X00” has been defaulted in all the record groups. Since the department table DEPT_TBL along with other similar tables, exists in the record group “HR01” hence, the Business Unit “TEST” will have access to data set keyed by Set ID “X00” in all these tables.

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Business Unit, Company and Regulatory Region in PeopleSoft

In other words, TableSet Control is a mechanism which controls access of Business Unit on Data Sets in various control tables through Set ID, and this mechanism is automatically created each time we create a new Business Unit.
Let’s see how this mechanism controls the access: 

It’s important to note that, the access given to the Business Unit “TEST” on data set keyed by the Set ID “X00” in department table (or any other table for that matter) is by default and is based on the SetID we mentioned in the section “Default Record Group Set ID” in Business Unit definition component.
However, we can change this default access i.e. instead of data set (Record Set) keyed by “X00”, The Business Unit “TEST” will have access to data set keyed by Set ID “SHARE”. And this can simply be done by replacing the Set ID “X00” with “SHARE” for the Record Group “HR_01” in TableSet control definition. 

Please also note that, the example taken above was for the Set Control Field “BUSINESS_UNIT” and everything explained above happen the same way when we create a new Company or Regulatory Region.

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