Saturday, June 17, 2017

PeopleSoft Benefit Record Number Vs Employee Record Number

These two elements are always confusing especially for the person who isn't well versed with the Person Model.
The Employee record Number (ERN) is updated whenever a new assignment is created.The Benefit Record Number is defaulted to 0 to attach the new job with Benefit Record Number 0 but can be overridden to the particular number if it needs to be attached to that Benefit Record Number.

The Benefit Record Number is used by benefit module to track benefit entitlements of employees. Multiple Employee Records (EMPL_RCD) can be grouped under one Benefit Record Number.

Lets try to understand this with a very simple scenario.

Lets say a person is a professor in a college with Employee Record 0 and is eligible for various benefits so we assign the Ben Record Number as 0 to track his eligibility and enrollments in various benefit plans.

Lets say this person got appointed as a Dean of the same college after some time so a new job got created with Empl Record 1 but since this new job doesn't make him eligible for any new benefit program so we keep the Ben Record Number as 0.

But after sometime, lets say this person appointed as a physician also in the same college so we created a new job with Empl Record 2. However, this new job entitles him for an additional benefit program but can't be mixed with previous one so we assign ben record number for this new job as 1 for eligibility and enrollment of this employee under new benefit program.

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