Sunday, January 11, 2015

Walkthrough Sessions on PeopleSoft Modules

Friends, You really wanna learn complex modules in PeopleSoft in an easier way ?

Well, join these sessions where the walk-through of various modules are done in just 3 hours yet with a precise and comprehensive explanation enabling you to get along with various concepts pertaining to the modules. In these sessions the entire module is discussed quickly and precisely yet ensuring that the audience is able to clearly understand how exactly the setup is done.

And above all you will be provided with the study material containing exactly the same stuff that will be covered in the session and trust me, the study material is very well designed, filled with diagrams to make the understanding clear and quick.

Sessions scheduled for this weekend:

Absence Management on June 20th  from 6 PM to 9 PM   - Click Here for Course Content
Global Payroll on June 21st from 6 PM to 9 PM  - 
Clear Here for Course Content

Session Details:

Fee and Duration

The fee for the session is INR 1000 and the duration will be 3-4 hours


The session have been scheduled for Saturday 24th Jan. 
Saturday - 6 PM to 9 PM IST

How to Join

  1. Install the Teamviewer on your PC, its a free software
  2. Install Skype on your mobile or PC
  3. Send the add request on skype to santosh.tripathi72 
  4. Share me your WhatsApp number so that I can add you into the relevant group for further updates
  5. On the training day when the session is about to start, the Teamviewer meeting ID will be shared
  6. Connect to the session in Teamviewer using this meeting ID.


Mob: +91 8800648297

Session Recording and Study Material for previous sessions is available at below links:

Absence Management
Link to Session Recording
Study Material Link

Thursday, January 8, 2015

PeopleSoft Functional and Technical Online Training

 Well, taking online sessions sometime becomes little inconvenient and inconsistent as the people who are part of the training have to snatch that extra time and they often fail to do so. Technical issues also cause frequent disappointments leading the delay in sessions and frustrations as well.

To eliminate all this i had to change the format of this online training. Instead of having to wait for People to join the session or sometimes make myself available for the session which apparently turned even more challenging, I now record these sessions on my own without any audience. 

So what advantage do I get by doing so ?

For more details on these recordings like course contents, duration and demo videos etc.. visit - PeopleSoft Training Session Recording Videos

Actually, there are many and to start with, I don't have to worry about scheduling 2-3 hours session and then preparing for it as I can record it whenever it's convenient for me since no one else is gonna attend that. I can very well pause the recordings in between as and when I need and resume it afterwards. I can also edit the videos after recording them to cut-off the unwanted content and to make the final video relevant to the topic.

The advantage of it is even more for People who purchase them as they would actually get the modules already prepared. They can watch these recordings absolutely as per their own convenience, pause it at their will and resume again. A module can be finished within a week which might otherwise could take a month or so. To make it even more interesting these recordings are offered at 30% less price than what the live training cost is.

However, there could one concern in this format and that is, what if People get questions while watching these recordings because in live sessions the queries are answered there itself. Not to worry at all as the questions in whatever number can be sent over to me via email/WhatsApp and I would respond to them very quickly and this support will always be there. Not just the queries while watching recordings but you can also ask questions pertaining to your day to day project work.

For more details on these recordings like course contents, duration and demo videos etc.. visitPeopleSoft Training Session Recording Videos

Contact Details
Mob: +91 880 064 8297
WhatsApp No  880 064 8297
Mob No while I am in Switzerland  +41 76 794 48 84