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Difference Between FieldEdit and FieldChange Event in PeopleSoft

Just like other PeopleSoft events these two are also very confusing for freshers even though there are numerous articles out there in the internet. Nevertheless, PeopleSoft events are one of those key areas where we should have very clear understanding so that we can easily determine where and how they should be used in the development.
I am gonna make it extremely simple for you guys to understand significance of the PeopleSoft events FieldEdit and FieldChange and further down the road I am gonna cover other events as well.

PeopleSoft FieldChange Event:

Have you ever noticed what happens when you change the position of an employee in Job Data > Work Location page. As soon as you change the position number and tab out from the field, the Regulatory Region, Company, Business Unit, Department etc... also change accordingly.

But how did it happen ?
The answer would be -The FieldChange event associated with the Field 'Position Number' gets executed and affects other fields whenever user changes the Position Number and tabs out from the field.

Let's see another example:

why do we use FieldChange event in PeopleSoft

When you change the value in Standard Hours field (Job Data > Job Information) and tab out, the field FTE also gets changed. 

Again the same question, how did it happen ?
The answer would be -The FieldChange event associated with the Field 'Standard Hours' gets executed and affects FTE whenever user changes the Standard Hours and tabs out from the field.

PeopleSoft FieldEdit Event:

Let's observe the behavior of the field Standard Hours once again when we change it's value to zero and tab out:

why do we use FieldEdit event in PeopleSoft

Well, it's different from what we saw earlier. When the user changes the field value to zero and tabs out, it turns red and an error message is thrown. This is because the event FieldEdit associated with the field Standard Hours does a validation and throws error/warning if the value entered is not what it supposed to be each time the field value is changed and tabbed out.

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The similarity between FieldChange and FieldEdit is they both are field level events which means they get fired whenever the field value on which these events are written, is changed and the cursor is tabbed out from the field. 

The difference between these two events is:
FieldChange event is used where you want to change other fields in response to when another field is changed. Just like we changed the fields Regulatory Region, Business Unit, Department etc.. in response to when Position Number is changed or we changed the field FTE in response to when Standard Hours is changed.
But FieldEdit event is more of a validation event used to validate the value entered in a field and throw error/warning if the value is not what is supposed to be when the cursor is tabbed out. Just like the system thrown error when Standard Hours are made zero and cursor tabbed out. This event wont allow the user to save transaction unless and until the appropriate value isn't provided in the field and the validation is success.

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  3. One of the main difference between Event and Transaction is that; All events are not transactions but All transactions are events.