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PeopleSoft Time and Labor Setup Architecture

Lets first have a look at this image:

Time and Labor Setup, Time and Labor Architecture

The image shows how all the elements in Time and Labor setup are related.

Holiday Schedule

They contain the calendar for public holidays which can be defined for a country, region within the country or at business unit level etc... It’s a very vital element because when the time is reported for a period through the timesheet page, system must know if there is any public holiday in that period.

Work Schedule

This represents the working pattern of employees for example an employee’s work patter could be any of these:

  1. Monday to Friday 8 hours each day with Saturday and Sunday weekly offs
  2. Monday to Wednesday 8 hours each day, Thursday to Friday 10 hours each with Saturday and Sunday weekly offs
  3. Tuesday to Saturday 4 hours each day with Sunday and Monday weekly offs

Having work pattern details in Time and Labour is very important because according to this only employees will report their time.  Work Schedules are grouped together to form Schedule Groups.

Time Period

It’s the date range for which employees will report their time for example Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly etc...

Time Reporting Code(TRC)

These are used to just track employee’s time for administrative or compensation needs. 
For example:
We can define a TRC as REGLR for reporting regular weekly time
We can define a TRC as PAIDLV for reporting paid leave
We can define a TRC as OVRTME for reporting over time.

For instance, if an employee who is supposed to work 40 hours a week, works for 35 hours in which 3 hours of overtime on Friday is included and takes 1 leave then this is how the time will be reported against corresponding TRCs:

Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri   Sat  Sun   TRC
 8     8      8      8                         REGLR
                              8               PAIDLV
                           3                  OVRTME

Similar TRCs are grouped together to form TRC Program.

Compensatory Time Plan

These are used to administer compensatory time for employees. The system maintains
each instance of a time reporter's earned compensatory time and the quantity and date earned.
Employee works on two holidays falling in a time period and on Saturday so when they report time for that period, this is how they would do (Here COMPH and COMPW are the TRCs defined for Comp Time):

Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri   Sat  Sun   TRC
 8       8     8                                 REGLR
                       8     8                 COMPH
                                   8           COMPW

Since, employee isn’t supposed to work on holidays or weekly offs but even then they worked in this period, the hours worked in these days get added as Compensation Earnings. So now employees can avail these earned hours just as paid leaves.


Similar to Paygroup in Payroll module.  All the employees in a workgroup share identical compensation requirement. All the previous elements are mapped to the workgroup.
All the workgroup members share:

  • Same reporting type: exception or positive
  • Same holiday schedule
  • Same TRC program
  • Same compensation rules
  • Same needs for time approval
  • Same association to a comp. Off plan
  • Same day breaker
  • Similar rounding rules


A taskgroup is a group of employees who have similar work or task – reporting requirements
Taskgroups identify the default time reporting template, task template, and task profiles that are valid for members of the taskgroup.
Some organizations refer to taskgroups as labor classes or labor class rate groups.
Task: attributes of reported time such as department, product or project – that defines how or where time was spent
Task template you specify which task entities you want members of a taskgroup to report their time to (i.E. Company , department , project)
Task profile “fill in the blanks “ for a task template. If used, a time reporter task related fields will be completed automatically with the values in the task profile

Time Collection Devices(TCD)

Used to collect and report the time that is recorded through a third party time clock tool. TCD interface provides packaged integration points to:
  • Collect clock and elapsed time from any TCD
  • Send necessary setup data to these devices for reporting
System supports scheduling, reporting, managing and applying rules to TCD time. You can create a separate group for TCD time reporters

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