Saturday, December 27, 2014

Connecting and Starting the Database through sqlplus Command Utility

Assuming that we have a database (SID = HRDEMO) created and now we need to start it from DOS command line, follow below steps to do so:

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Step 1: Start the windows service created for oracle database HRDEMO

  1. Check if the service OracleServiceHRDEMO has been started in Windows Service Manager (Start > Run > Services.msc)
  2. Right click on the service OracleServiceHRDEMO, open the properties and change the Startup Type to Automatic
Start the configure the windows service for Oracle Seed Database

    3.  Again right click on OracleServiceHRDEMO and click on Start to start the service.

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Step 2: Start the database through sqlplus command

  1. Open the MS DOS Command prompt
  2. Set the Oracle SID to HRDEMO by executing the command-  set ORACLE_SID=HRDEMO. Remember there shouldn't be any space around =
  3. Login as sysdba by executing the command-  sqlplus / as sysdba which will open the SQL command line
  4. Execute the command startup to start the database HRDEMO. The comand executed in this part are shown below:                                                                       

  5. As  you can see the database HRDEMO has started and the SQL command prompt has opened.

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