Monday, June 26, 2017

Why query is not visible in Query Manager

Did you ever felt embarrassed by not being able to even open the Query in Query Manager let alone modify it despite having access to it i.e having access to records used in query and to make the matter even worse, this all happened when you are a PeopleSoft consultant who is believed to know such technical glitches.

Well, guess what, this was exactly what happened to me few years ago. There was a query of type Role with a simple SQL text 


These were the properties of the query

There was requirement to make some changes in this so I quickly tried to open it in Query Manager but it didn't come in search result. Whenever we come across this particular incident, there are two things that you believe could cause this:

You don't have access to Query

If you don't have access to all records used in Query through Query Security Tree then you won't see the query neither in Query Manager or Query Viewer. So, I open the query in Query Administration (Peopletools - Utilities - Administration - Query Administration) and checked the SQL and discovered that only one record PSOPRDEFN has been used in this query to which I already have access which effectively authorizes me to open the query in Query Manager but it didn't.

Note - Query Administrator page empowers you to open any type of query whether or not you have access to it.

Query is private

Having had no luck here, I then turned my attention to what if Query is Private ? so I looked closely at the attributes of this query in Query Administration.

Having discovered that query isn't private either because it's not assigned to any user, when it's assigned to a user then it means it's private, I then started to feel puzzled as to what the heck is going on. Then after digging through little more I felt so stupid when I finally figured it out. I went to query manager again and clicked on Advance Search

There it is..! by default the query type selected by system is User so when I entered the query name and hit on search, the Query Manager tried to search only those with type User whereas my query was of type Role hence despite having full access to it and query being public too, I couldn't fetch it.

So all I did was, change the value in the drop down above to Role and then performed the search again and it did the trick.

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