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PeopleSoft Installation made Extremely Easy: Part 3

Completing the Database Setup

Step 1: Update the Database to Latest PeoleTools Release

Your PeopleSoft application database may be on a PeopleSoft PeopleTools release prior to the version that you are currently running. For you to be able to sign on to your database after running the Data Mover script to load your database, the PeopleSoft PeopleTools versions for your database and your file server must match.
Login into the app designer with the userid PS and password PS, if you get a message like this:
The database is at release 8.51 . The PeopleTools being run the require database at release 8.52.

Then you have to upgrade the database.  This section is only applicable if you get the error message shown above but if you are successfully able to login into application designer through the user PS then directly go the next section in this part.

Run the below SQL query in SQL Developer:


Note that you can either run the query in SQL*Plus by connecting to database through sqlplus command as shown in the Section Verify Database Connection in Part 2 or you can use Oracle SQL Developer tool to do so. For more info on how to use SQL Developer as SQL editor for our demo database HRDEMO visit this article - How to Connect to a Database through SQL Developer in MS Window

If the PeopleTools version returned from above query is lower than 8.52 then perform below tasks:
  1. Connect to the database HRDEMO with Access ID- SYSADM. Follow the instructions given in the section Verify Database Connection in Part 2 to connect to the database HRDEMO through SYSADM.
  2. Run the script rel852n.sql located in \scripts directory. After this run the grant.sql script located in the same directory. Before running the grant.sql, modify it by replacing all the occurances of with people
  3. Now login into Datamover with the Operator ID- PS and run the script storeddl.dms located in \scripts directory.
  4. Logout from Datamover and login back with the Access ID- SYSADM which will start the Datamover in bootstramp mode and run the script msgtlsupg.dms located in \scripts directory. 

Step 2: Updating PeopleTools Database Objects

To update PeopleSoft PeopleTools database objects to the current release you must be in Application Designer.
To update PeopleSoft PeopleTools database objects:

  1. Launch Application Designer and sign on to your database with a valid PeopleSoft user ID.
    Select Tools, Copy Project, From File.
  2. In the resulting dialog box, change the import directory to PS_HOME\projects, select PPLTLS84CUR
  3. from the list of projects and click the Select button.
  5. The Copy From File dialog box appears.
    Select all object types and then click the Copy button. When the progress window disappears, the project has been copied.

Repeat the above steps for the project PPLTLS84CURML and then PPLTLS84CURDEL and then patch as well.

Step 3: Altering PeopleTools Tables

To alter PeopleSoft PeopleTools tables:
  1. Launch Application Designer with a valid PeopleSoft user ID and sign on to the installed database.
  2. Select File, Open.
  3. Select Project, enter PPLTLS84CUR in the name dialog box, and click OK.
  4. Select Build, Project.
      The Build dialog box appears:

  5. Select Create Tables and Alter Tables in the Build Options region as shown in the example above (Create
  Indexes and Create Trigger will automatically be selected).
  6. Select Build script file in the Build Execute Options region.
  7. Click Settings.
    The Build Settings dialog box appears:

    Select the Scripts tab.
    9. Select Write Alter comments to script.
    10. Select the Alter tab and ensure that the Adds, Changes, Renames, and Deletes check boxes are   selected in
     the Alter Any region.
    Drop column if data present should be selected in the Drop Column Options region, and Truncate data if
    field too short should be selected in the Change Column Length Options region.
    Make sure that the option Alter by Table Rename is selected in the Alter Table Options region.
   11.Select the Create tab and ensure that the Skip table if it already exists, Recreate view if it already exists,
and Recreate index only if modified options are selected.
   Click OK.
   The Build dialog box reappears.
   13. Click Build.
   14. Click Close when the process is completed.
   15. Edit the generated SQL script for the correct tablespace names and sizing parameters if you are not
    using delivered PeopleSoft Tablespace names.
   16. Run the generated SQL script in your platform-specific query tool to bring your database structure in sync with the PeopleSoft PeopleTools tables.

Step 4: Migrating Records to New Tablespaces

Repeat the Step 2 for the project PT84TBLSPC

Step 5: Updating PeopleTools System Data

To update PeopleSoft PeopleTools system data:
  1. Login into Data Mover using the access ID (SYSADM) which will start in in bootstrap mode.
  2. Run the pslanguages.dms Data Mover script in the PS_HOME\scripts directory.
  3. Run the tlsupgnoncomp.dms Data Mover script in the PS_HOME\scripts directory.

    Now, open Data Mover using a valid PeopleSoft Operator ID (PS).
  4. If you are a Multilingual customer and have licensed non-English languages, run the pt852tlsxxx.dms
    scripts in the PS_HOME\scripts directory.
  5. Run the msgtleng.dms Data Mover Script in the PS_HOME\scripts directory.
  6. Non-English message data was loaded in the pt852tlsxxx.dms scripts. This will update the messages
  7. in your database.
  8. Run the ptstreng.dms Data Mover script in the PS_HOME\scripts directory.
  9. Run the storept.dms Data Mover script in the PS_HOME\src\cbl\base directory.
  10. Run the ptdefnsec.dms Data Mover script in the PS_HOME\scripts directory.
  11. Run the createvw.dms Data Mover script in the PS_HOME\scripts directory.
Step 6: Running PeopleTools Conversions
Run the UPG844PORTAL Application Engine program on your database. From the DOS command line,
the syntax is:
\bin\client\winx86\psae -CD HRDEMO -CT ORACLE -CO PS -CP PS -R INSTALL -AI UPG844PORTAL

Similarly run all the following programs programs with the same syntax as shown above, just replace the last parameter with these program names one by one:


We are done here, visit the next part - PeopleSoft Installation Made Extremely Easy: Part 4

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