Thursday, August 7, 2014

Simplified Way to Provide a Page Access in PeopleSoft

Ever thought how these PeopleSoft security personnel provide page access to someone? Or have you as an entry level PeopleSoft Analyst, ever wanted to gain access to a page through changes in security setup on your own without reaching out to any PeopleSoft security personnel?

If so then just chill out as doing all this is not really a big deal and doesn’t take much to understand as to how the security settings are analyzed and changes in the setup is done in order to provide a page access to someone.

Let’s say you have a customized page ‘Transfer Employee IND’ and it’s at the navigation Main > MSS > Job and Personal Information > Transfer Employee IND and there is a user Sanjay Verma who you want to provide access to this page.

Step 1: Find which permission list has access to this page

        a)     Go to the navigation Main > People Tools > Portal > Structure and Content
        b)    Click on the link ‘Manager Self Service’
        c)     Again click on the link ‘Job and Personal Information’
        d)    Find the page ‘Transfer Employee IND’ and click on the link ‘Edit’ available on the right
        e)     Now click on the ‘Security’ tab which can be seen in the top.
        f)     Here you will see all the permission lists that have access to this page.
        g)    Copy any one of them.

Now you have the Permission list which has access to this page.

Step 2: Find the Role assigned to this permission list

       a)     Open the definition of the Permission List you copied earlier (Navigation: Main > People Tools > Security > Permissions and Roles > Permission Lists)
       b)    Click on the last tab ‘Permission List Queries’
       c)     Click on the link ‘Permission List’s Roles’, it will give the Roles assigned to this permission list
       d)    Copy the appropriate one

Step 3: Add the Role to the user ‘Sanjay Verma’

       a)     Open Sanjay’s profile (Navigation: Main > People Tools > Security > User Profiles > User Profile)
       b)    Click on the tab ‘Roles’
       c)     Add the Role which you found in previous step, into the list.
       d)    Click on Save.

In case, no Roles have been assigned to this permission list you need to either add the permission list to any of the existing Roles given to Sanjay Verma or create a new Role and add the permission list to this role. Then the newly created Role can be given to the user.
Be careful here, if you are making changes in an existing Role which might have been assigned to others then they will also get access to the page. This shouldn’t be an issue in non-production environment but in production please do a thorough analysis before making the changes in any role.

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