Thursday, January 8, 2015

PeopleSoft Functional and Technical Online Training with Prerecorded sessions

Why shofuld you get prerecorded sessions than joining live online training

Easy to watch/join sessions - With live sessions, you always have that constant headache of joining the sessions at scheduled time with the added restriction that you can only do that while being at home. However, in case of pre-recorded sessions, you just have to watch them on YouTube and you can do that at home, office, in transit etc and since they are videos so you can watch them on any device.

Much quicker to complete the training - Live sessions are time bound, cannot happen daily hence take much longer however, prerecorded sessions give you liberty to watch them for as long as you want. You can even finish a module within a week which isn't quite possible with live sessions.

Easy to practice the topics/exercises - You certainly don't have an option to do hands on in the environment while you have joined live sessions, you can do that only afterwards however, with prerecorded sessions you can comfortably pause the video, do hands-on, resume the video later which ensures you get everything explained in the videos.

Indefinite access to training material/videos - With live sessions, you only have a very limited time to learn and practice as well but with prerecorded sessions having the indefinite access you get to watch and revisit for how long you want. 

Well crafted and rich content - Since the sessions are recorded with ample time at hand with no rush on finishing sessions, there is a great emphasis given on the quality and scope of content. The practice is always to keep the session recordings precise with as much details as possible.

Currently I have prercorded sessions ready on following modules:

You can get these videos at the cost which would be much lesser than the live training. 

Want to watch demos before going for the purchase ?

How it works ?
  1. Drop me an email or message mentioning the module that you are interested in
  2. Make the payment for those modules
  3. Once the payment is done, I will provide the access to you on those modules in YouTube.

Please Note:

  • The access will be permanent and never be taken back so even if you want to revisit the videos after 5 years you can do so.
  • The videos can not be downloaded for off-line access.
  • In case any of the videos gets corrupted or anything of that sort happens then don't worry it will uploaded and published again on YouTube and you will be given the access.
  • The cost of these videos is module vise but if you purchase them in bundle you can avail a considerable discount. For example - If you purchase all the Functional modules at once then the cost will be much lesser than if you purchase them individually.
  • If you need any clarification while watching the videos, drop me an email with the query and I will respond back as soon as I can.

The videos are available at:

Core HR Functional

Benefits Functional (With Ben Admin)

Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt Functional

NA Payroll

Time and Labor

Profile Management

PeopleSoft Technical

PeopleSoft Security

PeopleSoft Portal Technology with Fluid

PeopleSoft 9.2 With Peopletools 8.56 Installation Through Update Image 23 (DPKs) Without Oracle Support Identifier

If interested you can contact me at:

Contact Details
Mob: +91 880 064 8297
WhatsApp No  880 064 8297
Mob No while I am in Switzerland  +41 76 794 48 84


  1. Hi Santosh,

    How to attend demo sessions on 10th and 11th. If you have any link to attend sessions pls send mail to me.


  2. Updated the article, please check above.

  3. Please let me know about Global Payroll with ESS and MSS module traning..

  4. What is the tentative date for the new batch for PeopleSoft Core HR Functional ?

  5. what is the timing for the session 29th jan? Will it be indian time?

  6. I may just be missing it, but what time are all of the classes? Is there a schedule somewhere with the dates and times.

  7. The Benefits sessions have just started so you can join if you want.
    You can also first go far a demo session in which case I can share the session recording. you can watch it and determine whether you would like to continue.
    The next session for benefits is scheduled for Monday 8:30 PM to 10 PM EST. I will put up all these details very soon.

    Core HR classes are already on and the next batch will start from Mid Feb however if you don't want to join the full-fledged training batch yet want to learn the Core HR then I can give you the session recordings + study materials which is much cheaper than the full-fledged training.

  8. please let me know cost of material as well as course

  9. Please provide update on cost of training.

  10. Please drop me an email and I will respond back with the details

  11. Hi Santosh,

    I had sent an email inquiring about the cost of the pre-recorded Functional/Technical Training sessions.

    Please let me know if you received my mail.

    thanks much,

  12. Hi Santosh,
    The videos are very good and self explanatory. I liked the videos very much. What is cost of both PeopleSoft Functional and PeopleSoft Technical. Give me SMS on 8977759320.

    Thanks in Advance

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