Thursday, September 25, 2014

Employee Class (EMPL_CLASS) Field in PeopleSoft

What would you do if someone asks you to fetch a report of all the hourly employees ?
Well, I think you will certainly refer to the field EMPL_TYPE (Employee Type) with the value H (Hourly) for hourly employees. Similarly, for Full or Part time employees you would refer to the field FULL_PART_TIME (Full/Part), for the organization relationship its PER_ORG and for Regular or Temporary employees its the field REG_TEMP.

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But what if you have been asked to fetch a report of:
  • All the salaried employees who went on global assignments 
  • All the regular salaried employees.
  • All the salaried employees who have a fixed term contract with organization
  • All the trainees

These are some additional classifications of employees but to identify them we can't simply use these existing fields as they won't serve the purpose however, we can definitely write some complex SQLs using these fields to do the same.
But why to write complex SQL just to identify certain category of employee when we have a better alternative which is Employee Class field. So basically the field Employee Class (EMPL_CLASS) defines the additional classification of employee in PeopleSoft for example in our case following could be the Employee Classes for each category.
  • All the salaried employees who went on global assignments - Expats
  • All the regular salaried employees - Salary Permanent
  • All the salaried employees who have a fixed term contract with organization - Fixed Term
  • All the trainees - Trainee

So with the Employee Class defined for each of these types, it's now very easy to identify them because in this case we have to refer to just one field which is much easier than writing complex SQLs.

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