Sunday, May 24, 2015

Installing PeopleSoft 9.2 with PeopleTools 8.54

Recently I got my system that had PeopleSoft 9.1 with PT 8.51 up and running, crashed and I couldn't get it fixed. I finally had to re-install PeopleSoft but this time not the version 9.1 but 9.2 instead.
It took me about a week to complete the installation as I was able to dedicate only few hours every day to this installation process, faced many issues and resolved them too.

Nevertheless, I recorded this installation process entirely and now its ready to be published in YouTube.

PeopleSoft HRMS Online Training

So guys just like me you can also install this amazing product right on your laptop and enjoy the learning. The content of these videos are:

  • Downloading all the necessary softwares
  • Creating Virtual Machine using Virtual Box
  • Installing All the Softwares
  • Creating and Configuring Database
  • Creating the App Server domain
  • Installing the PIA environment
  • Creating and Configuring the Process Scheduler 
  • Compiling the COBOL programs
  • Connecting the SQL developer with PeopleSoft Database for backend access.

YouTube Link:

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  1. Hi Santhosh I am new to peoplesoft,for doing experiments I installed PT 8.54 with HCM 9.2 application.But later after few months I got some errors and I fixed them by googling.
    Now I got SQL Access Manager error , as usual I googled and tried to fix but I got Messed completely.So I would like to go for Fresh install .Can you please Elobarate in detail step by step(PT 8.54 HCM9.2 Windows7 x64) with explanation.That Could be very helpfull!!

  2. You can purchase the installation videos

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