Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tiles in PeopleSoft fluid homepages

Tiles are building blocks or elements of an Home page that show information to the end user 
And enable an easy way to navigate around the system. Tiles allow users a quick way to perform routine tasks, such as decision making or monitoring. Tiles give users direct access to targeted transactions.

Creating a Tile

The below diagram clearly depicts components of a Tile and the sequence in which they should be created.

Adding tiles to the homepage

Step 1
Give access to the Source

Step 2
Give access to the Target

Step 3
Give access to the homepage

Step 4
Selected the tile to appear on homepage

Step 5
Configure the tile to mandatorily appear on homepage

Want to see a demonstration with real time example on how to create and add tiles to fluid homepage?

I have a complete session which demonstrates:

  1. The Tiles overview
  2. Creating the Tiles
  3. Adding the Tile to fluid homepage
Below is the link to video in YouTube.

PopelSoft Fluid Tiles

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