Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Deleting Employee ID and Employee Record in Peoplesoft

Imagine what it would be like when you are in a scenario which require you to delete an Employee ID or an Instance of employee ID, possibly because you have mistakenly hired an employee or the employee hired didn’t turn up on first day or left the organization on the same day (Wonder what made him leave the same day.. 🙄 poor guy..)

Alright.. What next?? Get rid of the Employee ID in peoplesoft...🤐 Nightmare!!! Isn’t it..?

One thing that immediately strikes all techy geeks is to identify all the records which contains EMPLID field and run delete scripts against that employee. Seriously..??  Want to know a secret? There is much simpler solution than this.. 😉

Deleting EMPLID

Peoplesoft has a delivered process(HR_PER502) which can delete an employee ID. Just enter the employee ID here and leave the rest to be taken care by the process. 

Set Up HCM > System Administration > Database Processes > ID Delete

Although the above process eases our work, I should point out that Peoplesoft does not recommend deleting an Employee ID that has already been processed through Payroll. 

Let’s say that you still delete an Employee after payroll has been run for that ID, leaving in a state with all pay calculation totals messed up, it will be incredibly difficult to harmonize the numbers leading to Audit/Compliance issues. Hence you should never take the back-door route to fix an error that has occurred, Perhaps, I would recommend adding a Termination row in such cases to keep a clean audit.

Keep in mind that the above process does not delete all audit records (starting with AUDIT_...)

Changing EMPLID

There will be instances where you want to change the EMPLID to a different ID, for example, an Employee who rejoins the company and hired with a new employee ID instead of a Rehire action. 

You know what? You can use the same process to change an EMPLID to a new number.  

Set Up HCM > System Administration > Database Processes > ID Change

Deleting Employee Record

But wait – there’s more. Another useful delivered process which helps us to delete an Employee Record instance which was created by mistake, it can be accessed from the following navigation. 

Set Up HCM > System Administration > Database Processes > ERN Delete Process > ERN Delete Process

The system prevents the deletion of EMPLID/EMPL_RCD combinations which are used in key processes like payroll, benefits and time reporting. 

To sum up, Instead of performing minor heart surgery on the database by running multiple delete scripts, it is often suggested to go with Peoplesoft delivered processes discussed above. Feel free to drop in your feedback/suggestions. 😊


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