Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How to get rid of sytem generated OPRID criteria in PS Query without having to create View

This particular issue is very annoying especially if you happen to use OPRID as a key field in your custom records and don't realize that you can't use the record in PS query as the Query Manager appends the additional criteria and by the time you realize, it has become very late.

However, even if you land up in such a circumstance, do not worry.  You just need to do a slight adjustment in the record field properties using App Designer to prevent Query Manager from appending the OPRID criteria:

  • Make the field OPRID also an List Box Item
  • Make the field OPRID also a Search key

The first option is safer and doesn't require much analysis. However, second option will have significant impact as enabling Search option will change the behaviors of components where this record has been used as search record.

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