Wednesday, November 1, 2017

4 Reasons PeopleSoft will continue to be a leader in HR segment

Over last few years, especially since the advent of Workday, the talks that PeopleSoft, once a leader in the ERP segment is now loosing it's hold in the market share and soon it will be vanished, is going around a lot. Being a PeopleSoft consultant for over 8 years, that's not too long though, it concerns me a lot not because I also believe what People say but more because these excessive talks are changing perception among those who are already working in this technology as well as young aspirants aiming to kick start their career in this.

So, what's going to happen ? Is what being talked about gonna be true or there is something which is gonna change the course of the wheel ?

It's true that some of the PeopleSoft customers are switching over to Workday but while that happens, customers who are in other technologies are also switching over to PeopleSoft and this has been happening for quite a long and that keeps the balance in the industry.

So these are the 4 reasons that make me believe what I believe 

Fluid UI

In this era of compact devices(Smartphones, Tablets, Ultrabooks), the classic user interface really looked old school and was bound to fade out in the end. Apparently Oracle realized it on time and came up with Fluid Technology. PeopleSoft application fluid pages scale gracefully from large screen devices, such as laptops and desktops, to the reduced viewing space of tablets and smartphones. Many commercial websites use a similar design model whereby the presentation and layout of information is adjusted dynamically to conform to the dimensions of the user’s device.

With Fluid, PeopleSoft is has already moved from an application based portal to a modern website based portal. 

No more expensive upgrades

The big fat upgrade process have really been dragging down PeopleSoft from staying afloat like it has always been, so Oracle had to come up with something really path-breaking and they did which we call as PeopleSoft selective adoption wherein we break the large upgrade into small easy-to-apply updates through a tool called PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). It really simplifies the maintenance.
 starts with a complete image of PeopleSoft, a cumulative image that includes everything and is updated as often as every 8–10 weeks. PUM simplifies the process of identifying and creating a tailored package for updating your PeopleSoft system with enhancements, bug fixes, and regulatory changes. Change Assistant then takes the tailored package from PUM and automates most of the remaining steps to update the system.

Interaction Hub

Lets first understand what Interaction hub really is.
Assume your organization has these 4 different applications running on different systems to conduct daily business.
  • PeoleSoft HR to conduct HR related business activities
  • PeopleSoft Finance to conduct Finance related business activities
  • A Benefits and Payroll system
  • A system that facilitates time related entries and processing
Typically, an employee in the organization has to login into all these systems and perform various transactions depending upon what their role is which is very common but the problem with this is that they have to login into each system and then navigate to various links/pages to carry out the same.

Now let's say we have a single unified portal where an employee, depending upon their role, can access all these four systems and the related links/pages where they conduct their day to day activities, from this portal with just single sign-on.  That's PeoleSoft interaction hub is all about.

Powered with fluid, interaction hub is now website based portal instead of application based portal having all the necessary navigation to the pages of all the underlying systems enabling users to seamlessly conduct their day to day business activities.


Unlike a pure SaaS solution (Example - Workday) PeopleSoft offers it's customers a development platforms called PeopleTools to tailor the application based on the business needs, So, PeopleSoft can address most complex business requirements. This is one of the features that make PeoplSoft stand out in the ERP crowd.

Customers can have both the options to implement PeopleSoft:
  • On their on-premises infrastructure 
  • On Oracle cloud to eliminate the cost of on-premises infrastructure